I’m just a Harvard Law Caveman.  Write me at harvardlawcaveman@yahoo.com.


4 thoughts on “About”

  1. none of yoru business said:

    I suspect that you (or one of your white relatives) did NOT get in Harvard Law School, so rather than use your energies to better society and the status of under privileged people black, white or gray, you instead use your time and (lack of ) brain power on generating hatred towards black people. I believe you have a need to do this based on your own inability and failures.

    • mindy minsky said:

      Whether that’s true has nothing to do with the insights this website is giving us on how smart black Harvard students really are. Many people have suspected that those admitted into a university because of affirmative actions could never be as smart as those admitted out of a pure meritocracy. It turns out that our suspicions are indeed correct.

      Since you didn’t devote one character of your comment to refuting that proposition, I think you have conceded it, and like the angry blacks that the author of the blog speaks of, you are lashing out.

      Poor form, chap.

      • none of your business said:

        Mindy, your comment reflects your lack of intelligence. Study after study has shown that these tests are biased. I did not “concede” white superiority. The test that determines who is “smart” and who is not smart was created by the heirs of a class of whites who were so stupid and inadequate they could not succeed on their own accord and had to use slavery and exploitation to get by. Yet the same heirs of the unjustified and undeserved wealth, ownership and white privilege created on the backs of others using barbaric means such as slavery, now have the balls to use a “test” they created and can super-engineer to make sure a certain segment of society scores higher (affluent whites) on to divert privilege and ownership back to their own kind.

        Poor form chap to suggest that there was any need to refute the proposition that whites are superior. The fact that you people need a website attacking blacks who succeeded in getting better educational credentials than you could reflects the anger, desperation and hopelessness you people feel because you are losing your undeserved wealth, privilege and power and will not longer in about 25 years be in the majority in the US or the super majority power group.

        As far as grades are concerned, it is idiotic to suggest the process is “blind.” Nothing is blind in this country from grades at white institutions to treatment and advancement in white corporations. As usual, you people do not play fair and need to give yourself unfair advantages and promotions you do not deserve. Professors, for instance” can give whole point grade increases for “participation” taking a student from a B to an A . Obviously, a white male professor will relate to a white or white male student actively encouraging his participation and brilliant insights. A black student does not receive the same positive support and feedback. Might I say that the atmosphere is hostile at times.

        So rather than waste any more of my evening on you, I will leave it your pathetic white mind to cling to the notion of your own superiority as I know you people cannot function without the need to feel superior as a race. It is quite possible because you are not superior and the rest of the world is taking their power back and putting you people in your places.

  2. Hello Harvard Law Caveman,

    Thank you for the information on your site. I am trying to reach someone who might have an audio recording of the speeches at the 2011 celebration of black alumni. Were you there? If so, did you see Judge Laura Taylor Swain (class of ’82) speak, or do you know her personally?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    All best,

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