Hi.  My name is Joe White.  My brain is small so I use small words.  I have to use short sentences.  Otherwise I forget my idea before I’m done with the sentence.  I feel bad about myself (I think they call it “low self esteem”) because our Dean at Harvard Law School says smart people are superior to everyone else.  You can read what law professor Ann Althouse said about that here.  I’m so dumb, and thus in the Dean’s eyes so inferior, that she calls me the “Harvard Law Caveman.”

I’m dumb, but there’s one thing I know.  Most of the black students around here are even dumber than me.  If I were smart maybe I wouldn’t say that.  Here you’re not supposed to talk about how dumb the black students are. But I can prove it, with some numbers I’ll write up soon.

Black students here get real mad when they hear people say they’re not as smart as the other students.  I guess it’s because they know it’s true and they don’t like being reminded of it.  I mean, if you said the jews here are dumb they’d just laugh.  Same with asians.  They know they’re smart.  For more on that check out a blog by Steve Sailer, here. For example, his last two posts.  Steve uses lots of numbers, and I’m not always sure what he means, but yesterday (here) I think he said that based on SAT scores over the past 15 years, it looks like whites have gotten a little smarter, asians have gotten a lot smarter, and everyone else including blacks has gotten dumber.  Steve’s real smart, and his post today (here) talks about standard deviations, so I wasn’t sure what he was saying.  I think the main point is that “Tiger Mom” Amy Chua is smart, but not nearly as smart as her father, who I guess is maybe even more asian than Amy.

Where was I?  Oh, about the blacks getting mad.  In fact, the blacks at Harvard Law School got so mad awhile back that now the school has a special rule.  Under the rule you’re not supposed to talk about black students being dumb, even if it’s true.   You can read about it here.

They’re real serious about that Don’t Voice Inconvenient Truths About Blacks Rule. For example, several years ago a few students got mad at other students for pointing out bad things about some blacks. They wrote mean e-mails about it to all the other 80 or so students in their first-year (1L) law school “section” and to their professors.  You can read more about it here. And in several comments starting here.  A couple years ago a real smart white woman student (she was on the Law Review, and you have to be real smart to get on that if you’re white) wrote some questions about why blacks are so dumb, in a private e-mail to a friend. When the friend sent the e-mail to some black students, they complained to the Dean.  The Dean wrote mean things about the law student in a national press release.  The Dean ruined the white woman’s career.  She had to go work for a judge who spends most of his time looking at naked girls painted to look like cows.  You can read more about what the Dean did to that woman here.  And here and here. And for smart people, here, here, here, and here.  You can read about the naked cowgirls here and here, and about her work with the judge here.

With that rule and how mean the Dean is about people who break the rule, maybe I shouldn’t tell you about the black students here being even dumber than I am. But I’m just a Harvard Law Caveman.  So I’m telling you what I think.  I hope the Dean doesn’t write mean things about me.

Don’t get me wrong.  I like black people.  Some of my best friends are black.  It’s just that I can’t figure out why, as dumb as I am, almost all the black students here are even dumber than me.

I decided to start this blog because yesterday I saw some extra blacks on the campus.  Today are are lots and lots of extra blacks on campus.  Many of them are old, so maybe they’re not as black as they used to be, but they still look pretty black.  It turns out that these are all black alumni of Harvard Law School who are having a celebration.  You can read more about it here.

Don’t get me wrong.  Like I say, I like black people.  I like lots of extra blacks on campus.  But I’m doing this blog because I’m trying to figure out what they’re celebrating.  Their website doesn’t say.  Maybe people can leave me comments to help me figure that out.

My first thought was: maybe in the old days the black students were smarter than they are now. Most of these black alumni attended in ancient times, in the 1980s or even earlier. Maybe back then these black alumni got admitted to Harvard Law School by being as smart as the rest of their classmates.  Or, if they weren’t quite as smart to start with (because they came from poor families or didn’t go to the best secondary schools or colleges), maybe after getting admitted they worked extra hard to catch up, and got as smart as the others — so they ended up getting good jobs by competing on the merits.  If so, I can see why they’d celebrate.  It’s great to be talented and work hard and end up doing well in competition.

But then I started looking at the numbers.  I’m not remotely as smart as Steve Sailer, but based on these numbers it looks like when they graduated these black alumni were no smarter than are the current black students when they graduate.  In my next post I’ll tell you what I found out about the academic records of the 98 black alumni that are speaking during their celebration this weekend.  It really surprised me.